Expect To See These Changes In Your Daughter After She Begins Attending Catholic School

When you switch your daughter from public high school to an all-girls Catholic school, you're making this change with the hope that this new environment will not only affect her grades but also help her to prepare for the next step in her educational life. In the first weeks of the school year, you'll hopefully see some positive changes in your daughter. You may also see a shift in the way that she behaves around the house, and while some of these changes might catch you off guard, it's important for you to embrace them. Here are some changes that you might see.

A Desire To Say Grace Before Meals

In the Catholic school environment, your daughter will likely learn about saying grace before mealtime. For example, when she eats in the cafeteria, a staff member may lead the group of students in grace before they begin their meal. It's possible that you don't currently recite this prayer in your home before meals, or maybe you've done so only sporadically over the years. It can be a bit of an adjustment to remember to allow time for grace, but it will hopefully be a habit that your family enjoys.

Interest In Studying The Bible

You'll ideally notice that your daughter is taking more of a serious approach to her homework once she begins to attend Catholic school, and this will include studying and working on projects for her classes in religion. It's also possible that your daughter will develop an interest in studying the Bible on her downtime. Doing so can be good for school, but it may also become a pastime as your daughter becomes more immersed in her faith-based education. Make sure that you supper her in these efforts by giving her enough time to do so.

Passion For Discussing Religious Topics

Religious discussions make up a significant part of your daughter's Catholic school education, so it's possible that she'll develop an interest in this type of conversation and wish to continue it even outside of the classroom. Don't be surprised if your daughter brings up religion a lot — perhaps during meals, long drives, and quiet time with your family. It might be a change to hear your daughter speaking in this manner, but it can also be enlightening to join in such conversations and discuss some relevant topics. Each of these changes can be positive for you to see, as they're indicators that she's getting immersed in her new schooling environment.