4 Advantages Of A Montessori-Style Private School Education For Your Child

If your child is a free spirit, you may be concerned about how he or she will adjust to the overly structured setting of a traditional school. Unlike public schools, private schools often have a unique curriculum. Many private schools offer a Montessori-style education. Here are a few advantages of this type of educational approach for your little one:

Your child's individuality is valued.

A private school that adheres to a Montessori-style of teaching allows your child to learn at his or her own pace. The school will likely recognize that children tend to learn concepts in varying ways. Your child's learning style may not mirror that of his or her classmates.

An individualized approach can be especially helpful if your child tends to learn at a rapid pace or at a rate that is slightly behind that of his or her classroom peers. Additionally, by not forcing a child to adhere to the timelines of a standard curriculum, your child is free to grow and develop without restrictions.

Your child can learn independence.

Instead of being overly dependent on teachers and structure, your child learns to regulate him or herself. This is an important life skill. Your child may find it easier to think outside of the box to creatively solve problems.

Creative thinking and great problem-solving skills will benefit your child even if he or she transitions to a traditional school setting in the future.

Your child learns about nature.

A Montessori-style education helps your child learn about the world around the youngster. He or she may be taught about shapes and textures by viewing objects in nature. For instance, as your child learns about rectangular shapes, he or she may study the bark on the playground, or as patterns are reviewed, your child may inspect the structure of a pine cone. Although the individual natural examples may vary, your child will be encouraged to gain an appreciation for the natural world in which he or she lives.

Your child is exposed to children of various ages and can develop leadership skills.

Often, in a Montessori-style setting, there are multiple age groups within the same room. Children who have already mastered various skills and  have a higher level of maturity can serve as role models for their younger classmates. This can help your child learn better leadership skills and good communication skills with a wide range of people.

To learn more ways that a Montessori-style private school education could benefit your little one, schedule an appointment with a private school representative in your area, like one from Carden Academy, for example.